• Image of Banishing Floor Wash

Often times, we are unable to vacate spaces that are sources of trauma for us, for multiple reasons. And though we cannot physically leave these spaces, we have EVERY right to gain control over our spaces again. This can even mean that we're simply seeking to clear out the energy of an unpleasant guest we'd rather not have back.

Now, the old saying in hoodoo is that "evil cannot stand where basil has been laid;" following this tenant and a rather old recipe, I offer this basil laden energetic floor wash. This is intended to allow you to 'reset' the energy in your space to atmospherically open up to expansive and high vibrations, generating emotions of calm, comfort and a feeling of safety.

Boil half of this mixture in 2 cups of water, strain and then use the tea as a wash for your floors and walls.

Lay salt, clockwise, in the corners of the room you will be washing. Wash the floors and walls with the tea, burn some sage or palo santo and set intentions aloud for the energy and entities you seek to have in your space. When finished washing, open the windows to allow the smoke to escape and gather the salt in the corners, going counterclockwise, and dispose of off of the property.

Approx. 1 oz in cork-top glass vile


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